Throughout the food industry, companies are using to help with their food safety strategies. Whether it is primary producers (juice, baking, meat or seafood), catering or retail, is helping to assure the safety of food. was developed by One World Learning Ltd., a company set up in 2001 with the objective of making it easier for all companies to adhere to food safety regulations. HACCP is legally required by food business throughout the USA and Europe yet it is often expensive and difficult to implement. makes it easier to be HACCP compliant. More >>

Is HACCPweb reliable, secure and confidential? Where is HACCPweb hosted?

The main server used to host the site is in Quality Technology Services data centre. The Quality Technology Services data center is based in America. Along with Quality Technology Services, we take all reasonable precautions to keep your information safe, secure and confidential. Find out more about Quality Technology Services at does not share your information with a third party company.

What are customers saying?

'...excellent HACCP solution' Terrie Burke UCC Catering, the leader in online HACCP solutions! At One World Learning we design the solutions to make HACCP and food quality easier to achieve. We work with our customer base to continuously provide the facilities to make adherence to regulations easier. Learn how makes HACCP easy:

Partnership works with agents in different parts of the world to make HACCP easier. If you have a professional track record in the food industry and want to partner with, send an email with your details to